This page contains some articles of Irma F. Matrai one of our earlier church members. Thanks for the author for allowing us to publish these writings on our website.

At New Year's Eve

God's grate Christmas gift

How to prepare for Christmas?

Restored by grace

Taking the blame

Make the connection!


Ever-present help


Our thought- life

A God-focused life

No shame, no blame

Do not discourage!

Deep waters


Endurance in difficult times

Participation in Christ's suffering

Wherever Jesus passed by

The greatest heartache II.

The greatest heartache

Longing for God and his house

First impressions

Scary examples

Abundant and permanent joy

What preceded the miracles of god?

Our reputation is important!

How often should I read the Bible though?

In which direction are you proceeding?

The very best book

From Father to Son...

I found the Messiah, the Saviour!

You must be ready

As Christ loved...

What can children or young people do for Jesus?

He can symphatize

Mom, Dad, Grandma or Granpa where are you?

No God, no security

God's children shall succed after all

A wise lifestyle

A church children enjoy to attend

About a beuty queen

You are my spiritual mother

Everything will be all right!

God's second call

The Good Shepherd

Letter writing as a ministry

Flee temptations

Use your gift

In every thing


Sober Mindedness

Bright Future

Twenty-nine years grace period

The secret of beuty, happiness and health


A touchy subject I.

A touchy subject II.

You only have I choosen...I.

You only have I choosen...II.