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East view of the new Church

North view of the new Church

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At the beginning of the 20th century 90 % of the village belonged to the Reform Church. The Baptist Church of Nyírmeggyes was founded in the year 1920. It is important to mention that we belong to the Hungarian Baptist Association. Most of the members of our local church are students but certailnly, the elderly generations are present as well.

Our aim is to point up to Jesus with our lives through our deeds.

We have accepted Jesus Christ, the Son of God as our personal Saviour so we have a constant relationship with God. God would like us to accept His Word without giving him conditions. Would you like a living and continuous relationship with God? To live with God you have to read the Bible regularly and listen to the voice of God. To put your faith in Him is the most reliable thing to do. God loves you.

Would you like to get rid of your addictions?

Build your life onto Jesus Christ as he can be the only basis of your life. We follow this way and it makes us happy. .

- Baptist Church of Nyirmeggyes-

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